The Art of Advertising

Creative without strategy is called art.  Creative with strategy is called advertising.  – Jeff Richards

Obviously, advertising is art too – but mostly just the good stuff.  The artistic merits of a Snuggie commercial are debatable.  One of the great American creative agencies is Wieden+Kennedy, founded in Portland, OR and now spreading worldwide.  Responsible for some of the greatest and most controversial campaigns to reach the public, their portfolio includes Nike’s legendary “Just Do It” slogan and the 1987 TV commercial that featured the Beatles’ “Revolution,” repurposed for the Swoosh.

W+K’s work has always been a personal favorite, inspiring the creative in me for years.  One of their best spots, known as “Frozen Moment,” was for the Air Jordan XII shoe. This piece (watch it below) came in a long line of memorable Nike commercials from the 90s.  As this site evolves, featuring some of the greatest hits and puzzling misses from the advertising world, we will undoubtedly see more from W+K, Nike and Air Jordan.  These guys truly understand how to sculpt an unforgettable brand story into a slick little package.  Enjoy!

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