Mmmm, Ambivalent Beer

Hey, you wanna hang out sometime?

Staying on the beer bandwagon, we turn our attention to one that has captured it with a smart, sophisticated and almost-too-good-for-beer identity.  Going on two years now, The Most Interesting Man in the World has recounted to us his exploits in adventure, being ridiculously talented and other general awesomeness.  Dos Equis has struck fermented gold with TMIMITW, and the two have become so intertwined that I struggle to recall any of the Mexican brewery’s past advertising.  This was never a beer that was at top-of-mind for myself, yet with the campaign’s success it has elicited this statement from a male friend (with which I agree), “I don’t even care what the beer tastes like, that guy makes me want to drink it.”

Why is this guy so effective? TMIMITW is not just cool and, of course, interesting, but he’s also wise.  With his wisdom and worldly experience comes the notion that *gulp* beer isn’t the greatest thing in the world.  In other words, and perhaps most important to the persona, he’s not even that interested in the product!

“I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

Sure he prefers it, but he’s not building a house out of their bottles.  By the way, I added that quote from memory.  I realize this is a fictional character, but I think I have a man-crush on that bearded raconteur – that’s how effective he is.  Never mind that TMIMITW is an obvious spin-off of Chuck Norris Facts, from several years prior.  Though I have to give the creatives enormous credit for taking that phenomenon, well past its prime, and turning it into an entirely new sensation, all its own.

Congratulations to Dos Equis and everyone involved with daring to stand apart from the crowd by exuding intelligence, confidence, charisma and modesty all in one package.  It might not have caused a seismic shift in my drinking habits, but the movement in the XX brand equity in undeniably dramatic.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go grow a beard.

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