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Have You Seen This Boy?

This video is going at the top because I have a feeling not many people have seen it.  Freddy Frees Friday was produced – by Minneapolis-based boutique agency, Fast Horse – and released online last summer to promote Radisson Hotels‘ … Continue reading

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Milk? We Get It.

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a time when I was unaware of the existence of milk.  Though, when it’s your first source of sustenance in the real world, that’s an easy victory for the Milk … Continue reading

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Another LeBron Dissection. Ugh.

The Extraordinary International LeBron Event (ExILE) reached its peak on July 8th with “The Decision.”  Propelled by a mass of cultural relevance, that ultimate decision spawned countless hours of TV coverage, reactions across the Web, and one very public, ill-conceived … Continue reading

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Muscles For All

Niche markets and the products aimed at them are becoming more and more prevalent, so it would be difficult to debate why Myoplex by EAS would not forge a similar strategy when introducing a new supplement.  After all, Myoplex falls … Continue reading

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Not Your Grandad’s Old Spice

When was the last time the name Old Spice reminded you of your grandfather?  It’s more likely that a whiff of aftershave, and not the name, is responsible for any sort of connection.  Through their TV ads, the Ol’ Sailboat … Continue reading

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