Muscles For All

FYI: Your glutes are extremely useful.

Niche markets and the products aimed at them are becoming more and more prevalent, so it would be difficult to debate why Myoplex by EAS would not forge a similar strategy when introducing a new supplement.  After all, Myoplex falls into its own niche market, nutritional supplements, which are generally not used by the casual gym patron.  But, as we know, it is the bold who are rewarded in a crowded world of product positioning.  Especially when you’ve got a great idea, why not take the plunge and release it on a grand, new audience?  “If you use muscles, use Myoplex” is what the average gym-goer never knew he was waiting for.

Why does it work? (through the eyes of Cynical Consumer Guy with a Visible Neck) You know what I hate?  Useless products and those crafty marketers always trying to convince me I need theirs.  However…the ad wizards from Myoplex make an intriguing point.  “If you use muscles, use Myoplex.”  I do have muscles.  And I do use them for a variety of activities…but I don’t know.  I’m not really the guy who obsesses over my workout routines.  Supplements have never appealed much to me.  I usually exercise several times a week, make sure I eat well and don’t bother with those drinks, powders or bars.  Besides, I’m strong; I just opened a really tough jar of pickles the other day… Although that is a pretty clever ad campaign.  I’m a sucker for clever and I could probably afford to be a little stronger.  Thinking back, there was that jar of pickles I had to return because I couldn’t get the top off.  OK, I’ll check this stuff out.

This is some powerful copy.  Even the most skeptical of hypothetical consumers can be inspired.  It’s simple, all-inclusive and has a clear call to action.  The TV spot (below) is especially effective.  Featuring a friendly, inviting narrator and bodies with muscles that look like they belong to your average, attractive and athletically fit American (and not the dude grunting his way to the end of the weight rack).  I’m left feeling confident that the question, “How much ya bench?” is not their style.  To put it another way, the campaign nails three critical elements: It makes you smile; It makes you think, that could be (or is) me; And it doesn’t let you forget the name.  Well done everybody, and thank you for not calling me “princess.”

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