(Some of) The Best TV Spots of 2010

It’s time for the customary “Best of 2010” list here at AoA.  I present to you the greatest ads seen on US TV this year.  This list is likely insufficient and is limited to the ones I could recall as I wrote it.  A “Worst of 2010” could soon follow…

5. “Peggy” from Discover (The Martin Group)

There were several spots from the campaign, and they were funny.  But this one achieved what seemed impossible: it made Lou Holtz bearable, intelligible and sane.  One problem though for the brand; I remember “USA Prime Credit” more than I do Discover.  Maybe “Peggy” should have pronounced their name, too.

4. Betty White & Snickers (BBDO)

I already told you why this worked so well.  If the last time you saw this was during the Super Bowl, watch and enjoy again.

3. “Big Season” from the NBA (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners)

I love these.  Plus, I have a thing for the NBA.  It is in no way complicated.

2. Kevin Bacon, Logitech and Google TV (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners)

This is so good.  Kevin Bacon really can play anyone.

1. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” from Old Spice (Wieden+Kennedy)

A feat of creativity, set construction, career advancement and pure coolness.  A cultural phenomenon.  Debuted during the Super Bowl and earned over 26.5 million Youtube views, while its sequel has over 17.7 million.  Later became the basis for an unprecedented triumph in social media and audience participation.  There is no way this could not be number one for the year.  That’s all good news.  The bad?  Isaiah Mustafa must now somehow top himself.


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