(Some of) The Worst Ads of 2010

In order to find the best, one must wade through…something less than that.  Compared to everything else out there, these commercials are bad.  Compared to the cream of the crop, they’re the worst.  Enjoy!

“Pet Carrier” from Boost Mobile

This ad wasn’t particularly bad.  In fact, it was kind of funny.  It was just misguided.  Had this been a commercial for an airline promoting their prices-so-low-you-don’t-have-to-stick-the-kids-in-a-dog-cage, it could have been a home run.  Instead, we’re left wondering why an airline didn’t think of that before – what was this ad for again? – oh yeah, Boost.

“Clean Your Balls” from Axe (several variations available on YouTube)

Tact, humor, wit: Axe displays none.  Remember this is your competition.  And you’re getting pummeled.

“Wow!” from Staples

The first time watching this, it was mildly amusing.  Different, yet a tad annoying.  After that, the guy’s excitement for the apparently great prices became grating and ineffective.  Further, the chain’s prices are not really that incredible compared to online outlets.  Sir, your enthusiasm is ill-advised.

Check out the Tracy Awards for more bad ads.

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