A High Five to You, Heineken

A can. That is all. (click image to watch the spot on Heine's FB page)

Last year, I wrote a piece on the ridiculousness of Coors and their “high-tech” beer canisters, also known as aluminum cans. Now, perhaps taking a clue from comedian David Cross or just from that voice in our heads every time we see a Coors or Miller commercial, Heineken has called out the “gimmicks” employed by the aforementioned US light beer brands. Yes, Heineken has been guilty of gimmicky packaging with their “keg can,” but that was more of a novelty than a lame attempt at telling us something a toddler (or anyone with hands) could figure out (Is this cold or not?). For that, the Dutch get a pass. Note: Do not hand beer to a toddler.

Heineken recently moved its US advertising to W+K NYC, so it is unclear if the “All Perfection, No Gimmick” strategy will continue. The spot aired a few days after the agency change was announced, and it is also unclear if it was done by W+K. Besides a nod to the new account, there is no mention of the work on the W+K NYC blog, though I would peg it on them. Regardless, let us raise a bottle or normal-looking can to the new campaign. May the beer always flow free of useless gimmicks and the advertising assume we have an IQ higher than the alcohol level. Here, here! That second part isn’t going to happen, is it?

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