Vitaminwater Wants ALL of the Internet in its Commercial

The latest vitaminwater ad – this for the tasty XXX variety – has gone a tad overboard with the Internet references. As we discussed a few months ago, memes are no strangers to ad campaigns. However, agency CP+B – who once put phone chargers at bus stops – missed the point with this one.

The commercial comes off as an attempt to throw a bunch of recognizable elements into the mix without making a connection to the brand. So this is the drink to grab when the begins? Aside from Sexy Sax Man, who can follow us around if he’d like, the spot lacks anything amusing or lasting. A who’s who of hardly-eligible nostalgia, without a worthwhile payoff. We’re left with the completely forgettable tagline, “you’re up,” from the same Underwhelming Ballpark as Bud Light’s “Here we go.” That the best you got?

Leave it to the users on vitaminwater’s official YouTube page to sum up the feeling with the top-rated comment: “I’m never buying vitamin water ever again.” The (forty-six) people (who voted it up) have spoken.

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