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Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users, Compares Itself to Chair

Facebook, the industry leader in “I don’t care what your baby did today,” has teamed up with other-industry pioneers – the likes of (get it? likes? ehhhh…) Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Babel director, Alejandro Iñárritu – to mark the fact that … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Brand Slogans™

Without much thought, most of us can probably rattle off a handful of catchphrases from old TV commercials. Slogans, tag lines, catchphrases – whatever your vernacular preference, although some might argue their differences – are the caboose on the advertising … Continue reading

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Vitaminwater Wants ALL of the Internet in its Commercial

The latest vitaminwater ad – this for the tasty XXX variety – has gone a tad overboard with the Internet references. As we discussed a few months ago, memes are no strangers to ad campaigns. However, agency CP+B – who … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials: A Look Back at 2012

The Super Bowl of 2012 (or XLVI, if you’re counting) was once again a showcase of the most innovative, creative and inevitably underwhelming advertising that millions of dollars can assemble. Conversations and opinions on the bunch formed in the days … Continue reading

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Keeping Up with Internet Culture: Viral, Social, Memes & Other Searchable Terms

What would we do without the Internet? A place of such incredible expanse, any attempt to adequately answer this question would likely require an attention span no Internet-enthusiast has possessed since the dawn of this damned thing. So many cats, … Continue reading

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This is SportsCenter, Not Real Life

For nearly two decades, ESPN has been extending its flagship brand, SportsCenter, beyond the studio, giving us a peek inside the offices where the proverbial magic happens. Merging the world of sports with cubicle life, “This is SportsCenter” has something … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Brand-Band Synergy

There are two things in this world very dear to me: music and movies (actually, three if you’ve seen this blog before). Slightly higher if you count friends, family, yadda, yadda (Hi, Mom). As one of the few people who … Continue reading

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