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Air Jordan: the Man, the Brand, the Shoes

Think back to 1985. Twenty-six years ago. Before people could stalk each other via the Internet – hell, before the Internet! A time *shudder* before the Old Spice man. Nike was still working its way to the top of its … Continue reading

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Welcome to the NBA. Brought to You by These Guys.

If I haven’t done so already, it is time to confess my love for basketball and the National Basketball Association.  Growing up in a city with only one professional sports team, I took to hoops at a young age and … Continue reading

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Another LeBron Dissection. Ugh.

The Extraordinary International LeBron Event (ExILE) reached its peak on July 8th with “The Decision.”  Propelled by a mass of cultural relevance, that ultimate decision spawned countless hours of TV coverage, reactions across the Web, and one very public, ill-conceived … Continue reading

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