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Keeping Up with Internet Culture: Viral, Social, Memes & Other Searchable Terms

What would we do without the Internet? A place of such incredible expanse, any attempt to adequately answer this question would likely require an attention span no Internet-enthusiast has possessed since the dawn of this damned thing. So many cats, … Continue reading

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6 Subliminal Connections Between Volkswagen Ads and Seinfeld

Volkswagen has been an advertising trail blazer since the Mad Men days, when Bill Bernbach (the ‘B’ in DDB) created a legendary campaign that even caught the attention of Don Draper. Spanning the decades, ad agencies and automobile models for … Continue reading

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Battle of Burgerdom: Jack & Carl & Ronald & The King

Fast food’s impact on pop culture is as large as any industry’s, and like the chains themselves, their advertising is everywhere.  Burger joints – in particular, McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr. and Jack in the Box – compete for our … Continue reading

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(Some of) The Worst Ads of 2010

In order to find the best, one must wade through…something less than that.  Compared to everything else out there, these commercials are bad.  Compared to the cream of the crop, they’re the worst.  Enjoy! “Pet Carrier” from Boost Mobile This … Continue reading

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Does This Mayo Make Me Look Dull?

When the anti-mayo Miracle Whip introduced its edgy, non-conformist campaign last year, it was a bit of a shock to the consumer.  The basics: Hipsters wearing hipster outfits, dancing around a kiddie pool, loving life and eating chicken salad (see … Continue reading

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