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Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users, Compares Itself to Chair

Facebook, the industry leader in “I don’t care what your baby did today,” has teamed up with other-industry pioneers – the likes of (get it? likes? ehhhh…) Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Babel director, Alejandro Iñárritu – to mark the fact that … Continue reading

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Air Jordan: the Man, the Brand, the Shoes

Think back to 1985. Twenty-six years ago. Before people could stalk each other via the Internet – hell, before the Internet! A time *shudder* before the Old Spice man. Nike was still working its way to the top of its … Continue reading

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Not Your Grandad’s Old Spice

When was the last time the name Old Spice reminded you of your grandfather?  It’s more likely that a whiff of aftershave, and not the name, is responsible for any sort of connection.  Through their TV ads, the Ol’ Sailboat … Continue reading

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The Art of Advertising

Creative without strategy is called art.  Creative with strategy is called advertising.  – Jeff Richards Obviously, advertising is art too – but mostly just the good stuff.  The artistic merits of a Snuggie commercial are debatable.  One of the great … Continue reading

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